21 July 2011

A Viola da Gamba's Journey - Competition and the Days before...

From Middelburg Competition 2011 (and the days before..)

On the journey from Paris to Calais and Middelburg, our viola da gamba had very interesting experiences....

Such as lying on the train as neither a luggage nor a passenger....

Fitted in a very small car with five people (plus luggages...)

And it turned out fine after all!! lol

14 July 2011

Winner of International Early Music Competition in Middelburg, The Netherlands

From Middelburg, The Netherlands 2011

Les Nations Réunies had just won the 1st Prize of International Early Music competition in Middelburg, The Netherlands!!

We had such a nice time in The Netherlands and are very much looking forward coming back there for the Prize winner concert next year!